South via the Southern Reefs

After a week of strong SE spent at Mackay Harbour, the easterlies then northerlies returned, and although only for a little while, it allowed us to make some progress south! But we have one complaint, it is either blowing hard in the wrong direction or not blowing much in the correct one which means more…

A week in Mackay

Despite our engine service having been completed early, we ended up spending a week in Mackay doing boat maintenance and documentation while the 20-25 knot SE winds were not allowing us to sail south… Might as well use the time!

Last days in the Whitsundays

Most cruising yachts left for their migration south a while ago. Why are we still hanging around so far north at the beginning of November? Because we are booked in at Mackay for the warranty servicing on our Yanmar engines.