Anui at Providence Bay, Broughton Island

Broughton Island Hideaway

Some anchorages on our way north are stand outs: peaceful, scenic, varied. Broughton Island is one of these. There is a lot to see, with sandy beaches, rugged coves, shorebirds, snorkeling, so you are in for a treat this week as we focus on this lovely island hideaway!

Shy albatross

Mission to Melbourne – Time at the Prom

Last Friday morning, we crossed into Victorian waters! We are in our home state. We have taken the foot off the pedal and have enjoyed a few restorative days at Wilson’s Promontory, knowing we will make it to Melbourne without problem and also keeping away from a heightened risk of infection for as long as…

Changes at Little Black Reef

We caught our breath in the Whitsundays for a few days after arriving from Cairns and we held it too with some massive thunderstorms descending on us. But then the reef sirens seduced us again and we had to go.