Take It Easy

Another Article Published

This one is for our family in France, a flash back to the wonderful experience we had last winter when we cruised together for the very first time.  It seems so long ago, but a welcome reminder of the special time we shared.

Nautical Photography in Action

If you can’t sail because your boat is 1200 nautical miles away, you can certainly play with photos and relive amazing adventures.  So today we have two offerings to share with you: a photo book of our wonderful winter cruise in Queensland, and an article about nautical photography.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Our “2015 Winter Cruise” Journal is available!

During each of our sailing adventures, we keep a journal to share our experiences with friends and family.  This time our cruise was very special, since Chris’ sister Véronique and her husband Didier were joining us from France for a three weeks’ voyage on board Take It Easy.  They had never cruised before, so this…

Rosslyn Bay Marina

All good things come to an end!

On Thursday, 6/8/15, we had to get back to the Marina at Rosslyn Bay, Yeppoon, for Véro and Dider to catch a plane back to France.  Wade, Bengie and I stayed on till the following Sunday morning.

Out with the beast!

Butterfly Bay on Great Keppel Island has more treasures to reveal.  A morning walk towards the Western side of the island, to Svendsen Beach, promises to be a rich photo opportunity for birds.  So this time, we take “the beast” with us: the Canon 100-400 lens.  It is a big heavy lens, but it is…

Butterfly Bay to Wreck Beach

The second area we are visiting at Great Keppel Island is situated on the Northern side of the isle, at Butterfly Bay.  And you guess it, it is deserted, just as we like it, unlike the more frequented beaches on the Western side.  It is not for lack of interesting things to do there though.…

Monkey Bay Snorkeling

Astonishing Monkey Bay – Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island is the largest of 18 isles in the Keppel Group and is the jewel in the Keppel Bay crown, with pristine sandy beaches offering a mix of attractions and different perspectives – so much so that it deserves three separate posts to share its riches!  The first of these is Monkey Bay…