Cape Raoul in the swell

Colossal Tasman Peninsula

We are underway again and what a spectacular coast the Tasman Peninsula is! Dolerite cliffs 300m high come straight down to the ocean. These giant sea columns are absolutely colossal. There is a catch though: after several days of strong wind, there is a fair bit of swell and the rebound against the tall cliffs turns…

The great escape from Port Davey

Having been weather bound ever since we had got into Port Davey, we were not going to miss the weather window to escape out two weeks later. And besides we were running dangerously low on loo paper! So on Friday 6 April, we headed out.

Macquarie Harbour arrival

Breathtaking West Coast

There is something momentous about sailing down the West coast of Tasmania. It is committal as there are not many places to hide. You feel a little on edge, a little excited too. The movement of the boat is different. It is not Bass Strait anymore with its confused chop.  It is the Southern Ocean…

Bird Photography Challenge #37: Black-Browed Albatross

One of the most distinctive ocean birds we are lucky enough to see as we sail through Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean is the Black-Browed Albatross (Thalassarche melanophrys).  We always feel privileged to see these ocean travellers and one of the world’s largest seabirds.  Having recently observed them, we felt compelled to make them…