South we go!

The stars are lining up for us, so south we go! We are trying very hard to avoid overnighters, as we don’t enjoy two hour watches, Wade and I, but we are opting for super early starts, to get us to cover distances before weather changes. 

Stanley and the Nut from Highfield

Going Nuts with Storms!

What crazy weather we are having!  SW storm, NE gale, Westerly gale… the only constant is the strong wind and quickly moving weather systems.  We left East Telegraph Bay on Three Hummock Island after a Westerly gale eased, and had a beautiful sail to Stanley, a fishing village on the far North West coast of…

Rugged shores of Hunter Island

Fleurieu Islands Exploration

We have spent a week at the Hunter islands, properly called Fleurieu Group, moving from anchorage to anchorage and alternating between Hunter and Three Hummock Islands depending on the wind direction.  At last we have felt in cruising mode: short sails, new discoveries, plenty of walks and scrambles ashore on sunny days, and time for…

Little Penguin huddle just arrived ashore

Feathered Encounters

One of the great pleasures of cruising the Bass Strait Islands is the bird life. Many of the islands have been declared Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas. Penguins at King Island Little Penguins are adorable. They are the smallest species of penguins in the world, measuring less than 40 cm in height and weighing only…