Spansih Dancer Nudibranch

Keppels Magic

It is still really windy, up to 30 knots during the day, the swell wraps around the headlands even at anchor, and there are rainy spells, but nothing stops us: we explore ashore, snorkel and the Keppels do not fail to spin their magic.

Sanity Saving Activities

Somehow, when you are boat bound, whether it is because you are waiting for things to be fixed or hiding from the weather, you have to keep yourself amused and engage in sanity saving activities. So here is what we have been up to.

Still Waiting!

While still waiting for our A frame to come back from the anodiser, we fill in time! Wade works on re-bedding the hatches and Chris compiles an underwater photography book.

Terrific Tangalooma Weekend

Put four fun loving sailors together on Take It Easy, send them for a swift sail from Manly to Tangalooma on Moreton Island and you get a winning mix: great sailing, interesting wreck snorkeling, nice food and wine, many laughs and stories… We have just spent a terrific weekend with Wade’s cousins Grant and Deb,…

Springtime at Lady Musgrave

If you want to see breeding birds and turtles, if you enjoy snorkeling with a multitude of fish surrounding you, Lady Musgrave is the place to be. This is a busy spot though! The Lady Musgrave coral cay and lagoon are 52nm from Bundaberg and often the first or last stop along the reef yachts…

Fabulous Fitzroy Reef

The approach to Fitzroy Reef in totally calm weather is something to behold: deep ultramarine offshore, stunning aqua as we come in to the glasslike lagoon in the company of Bossa Nova. With the clouds reflected in the mirror of the lagoon, it hard to see where the water ends and the sky begins. It…

Coral Gardens at Wistari Reef

Broccoli anyone? Cabbage leaves? A bunch of pink flowers? At low tide the coral gardens of Wistari Reef are like a vegie patch. Every reef we go to is unique and this is part of the appeal of exploring not only different reefs but also several locations on the one reef, especially one which is…