Life is getting easier!

We are continuing our northern migration. After a 6 hour sail from Pearl Beach to Swansea on Friday, we had a big day on Saturday: not only did we spend the whole day in shorts and Tshirts, but for the first time ever, we made our own water! 

Nearing Wilsons Promontory

Victorian sailing – cold and blowy!

Cold, blowy, at times soggy and gloomy… that is what sailing along the Victorian coast is like at this time of year! Since dropping off our friends Greg & Ann at Phillip Island, we haven’t covered a lot of miles but have experienced all sorts of weather conditions: from fog, to brilliant sunshine, to gale force winds,…

Back to boat work!

We returned from our cruise nearly three weeks ago and the transition back to work has been… well… hard is a polite way of describing it. We were on board Take It Easy for the weekend, not so much to go sailing – we did none of that – but to start working on the To Do…