Dinghy Fever

Dinghy fever – a disorder that sends Wade’s pulse racing and raises his temperature at the sight of Walker Bay second hand boat tenders advertised on ebay or Gumtree!

Yap, Captain Wadie has been on the hunt for a Walker Bay dinghy, a 10ft one complete with an inflatable tube kit all around the gunwale (to be kind to the mother ship) and a sail kit (to go and play when not sailing on the big ship).

Walker Bay dinghy

It’s got everything: a RID, a sail, even a little bimini, and on its own trailer too!

After a failed attempt when he was outbid at the last hour (we were so looking forward to driving to South Australia via the Barossa wine region to pick it up), he sharpened his negotiation technique and successfully purchased this one…  We took a nice drive to Canberra to pick it up over the weekend, complete with its own little trailer – Bonus!

Why another dinghy we hear you ask?  Well, the current tender who came with the boat was rather heavy at over 75kgs.  It was hard for us to drag it up steep beaches, and just about impossible for me to do it on my own.  Being a hard dinghy, it was rough on the boat even though we had done our best to fend it.  It was made of marine ply and because we abused it regularly pulling it on rocky beaches, letting it rub against jetties, etc… it needed constant maintenance.

The WB (Walker Bay not Wadie Bishop) is a “Tupperware” tender, made of polypropylene – no more painting.  It is a lot lighter at 57kgs, easier to climb into after diving, just about unsinkable and more stable with its tube, and it has got a sail kit so another good toy to add to the collection on board Take It Easy.  The dinghy’s name is transferring from the old one of course:  Peasy – could not call it anything else.

Wade’s dinghy fever has now abated.  We think we are very lucky to have bought this particular Walker Bay from a navy man who was very particular about its modifications and maintenance.  It is ship shape! And the wander around Lake Burley Griffin in the late afternoon on Friday was very pleasant.

9 thoughts on “Dinghy Fever

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  2. Awesome theme, lol, and great gallery pics. Would you give away the secret on how to create the tiled gallery look? Can’t seem to figure it out (hope I’m a better sailor, yogi and mum than IT person…). Keep the good work going. So great to follow each other’s journeys;) Happy 2015! xx

    • Hi Dini, no secret at all. When you create a gallery and have selected your pics, a gallery setting menu will appear. There is a Gallery TYPE drop down list with 5 options: thumbnail grid, tiled mosaic, square tiled, circles, slide show. I picked TILED MOSAIC. Have a go and see if that works for you.
      Have a great 2015 with continued adventures. Cheers – Chris

      • Ah – you have to click on Add media, then select whether you want to Upload Files or select from Media Library, and then you have the option of Creating a Gallery. Try that and let me know how you go!

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