Where wild winds blow

The remote outpost of Maatsuyker Island, 10 miles offshore from the wild south coast of Tasmania, was what Mary and David Nicholson called home for a period of six months.  These two are yachtie friends of ours and David built our previous catamaran, Medina; so we have followed their amazing endeavour with great interest.  A year ago I wrote the article A life less ordinary as David and Mary were ready to head off on this adventure of a lifetime. It was about their preparation and expectations.  This was published in  the beautiful magazine Tasmania – 40° South in December 2013.

A few months have passed since their return, and we caught up with them in July to ask them about their impressions and reflections.  I thought there might be a follow-up story in there and again approached Tasmania – 40° South just before leaving for France.  I was not too hopeful as this is a quarterly publication with fierce competition for submissions,  but to my delight and thrill, the editor is publishing the sequel this month!  The article Where wild winds blow and the previous one can be accessed by clicking on the link or going to the ‘Published’ section of our website.

Here is a full photo gallery to give you a good feel for the remoteness and ruggedness of Maatsuyker Island.

Could you imagine doing something like this?  We would be interested in your comments…


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