One Four Challenge – Nov Week 2

It is now Week 2 of our photo processing project.  The days have gone by so quickly and in that time, many participants have joined the fun. To check out all entries, click on this One Four Challenge November Week 2 link.

Remember the original image of the pampas grasses in Far North Queensland submitted last week ?

Nov Original

What had brought me to take this shot several years ago was the softness of the pampas heads swaying in the light breeze on the side of the hill.

For Week 2, I still wanted to keep the changes subtle. My aim  was to keep the feel and mood of the image, improve on it, but without being too daring.

Here is my Week 2 processed image:

One Four Nov Wk2

This is what the two processed images look like side by side. Click on them to display in full screen:

Process 1                                                              Process 2

One Four Nov Wk1    One Four Nov Wk2

Summary of Week 2 Processing:

  • Starting from Week1 processed image, further cropping on the right hand side to remove more of the green blades
  • Minimal use of the cloning tool to remove a distracting green blade below the last pampas head
  • +10 on highlights to bring out the pampas heads and lighten the image
  • +5 saturation to let the grass and sky pop out a fraction more
  • Tried some sharpening, but was unhappy with the effect on the pampas heads, so did not proceed with this alteration.

I am happier with this image than the first, and think this gives a clearer, better lit, yet still gentle and lifelike result, that keeps the pampas heads soft.

I must say that I have enjoyed exploring the possibilities of my software and learning what different artistic filters, levels and curves do.  Plenty of plotting in store for the next two weeks and I have learnt a lot already.  One thing I have found is that there are some useful tutorials on the internet – it’s just a matter of searching and taking the time to experiment.The next two weeks will introduce more significant alterations to the original, for a play.

Looking forward to your feedback!

19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Nov Week 2

  1. I love them both but now that I see the lightened version I am drawn to that. It’s softer and yet brings out the little details. As you know I love the perspective in this.

  2. Oh yes I do agree. The detail that has been highlighted is lovely.
    Lightening up the bottom of the image in the shadows works so well and removing the big leaves on the right has focused our attention right on the lovely soft pampas heads. A lovely result!
    Im so glad youve had a fun week learning Chris – I have too 😊

  3. The cropping and lightening does a lot! It is fresher and the focus is where you want it, with our eyes moving up. Great work!

    • Thanks Elizabeth for the knd observations. It’s interesting how I just did the edits by feel really, but when I read your comments and those of others, it all brings it to “consciousness” if you see what I mean! 😊

  4. I thought the changes you made were great. It looks so much brighter and the grass more whispy. Sue

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