One Four Challenge – November Week 4

Woo-hoo!  We are in our fourth and last week of the November One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me.  It has been very interesting and I have learnt a lot whilst having heaps of fun.

First things first : Take 2 on Week 3 processing

When I published my image for Week 3, I was uneasy about an area of blue sky which had taken a green hue after the solarising process.  Although  I had fiddled with the image to try and fix this before hitting the Publish button, the result wasn’t satisfactory and in the end I left the image as you saw it last week.  Not long after publishing, I realised I should have used the cropping tool to overlay some clouds on the offending patch!  Duh!  When a few comments – (well, a lot – just as well I am not too sensitive!) came back confirming the green tinge was not a good look, I had to take action! So here is the reworked image…

Storm brewing - retouched

Storm brewing – retouched

Now, let’s move on to Week 4!

Image Processing 4: Cyclonic wind

I wanted to be a bit more daring for this last one, and having set the scene last week with my “Storm brewing” image, I now finish the progression to a fully blown cyclone, something the Far North Queensland region can experience from December to March.

One Four Nov Wk4

I played around with the Distort filter…  you really can go overboard with that one and create gigantic swirls.  But I restrained myself and set the Distort/Twirl filter at 126°, to give a sense of the cyclonic surge arriving on the pampas field, leaving only one pampas head still standing straight.

Looking forward to your comments!

Weeks 1 to 4 progression

Original Image first:

Nov Original

Process 1                                                         Process 2

One Four Nov Wk1    One Four Nov Wk2

Process 3                                                        Process 4

Storm brewing - retouched    One Four Nov Wk4

Time to vote!

It is now time for you to select your preferred image.


Be sure to check out other participants’ work and vote on theirs too by clicking here.

35 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – November Week 4

  1. Fantastic!! Love this depiction of the Qld weather. Fantastic (yep, twice) and a great finish for November. The movement is wonderful – very cyclonic 😜
    Also really like what you did with week 3 😀
    A very successful November Chris!

  2. Way out this time Chris a bit like Van Gogh in his mad moments with the trees and sun flowers. I liked it. You have had fun eh! Sue

  3. Love it -the cyclone in the grasses effect really works. I’ve never used that filter. You’ve inspired me to try it.

    • PS – I had a look at Emily Carr’s work – what beautiful paintings! I can see the swirls in her paintings of trees and especially in “Above the gravel pit”. Thank you for introducing her to me. 🙂

      • YW she was a most interesting person, She also wrote some delightful books ( the house of small etc) about living in our fair little city at the turn of the last century. Her house still stands in James Bay, Victoria.BC.

  4. I was torn between week 2 and the retouched week 3, but in the end I went for those cool, ghostly blue feathery heads in week 3. All very interesting takes on the original!

  5. I experienced something similar few months ago, when people criticized one of my images for being too dark. First, I was a little bit disappointed, but then I decided to revisit the image. I ended up with a better final image and a valuable lesson of an honest feedback.
    Week 3 revisited is my favorite, it really payed off that you went back. This last image is very whimsical and funny, I like that swirl.

    • Thanks for your encouraging words Lora. I too think it was worth the effort. And the last one is whimsical – just what I needed to have a laugh!

  6. Way to push the boundaries, The swirling grass is really cool! And, I am impressed with you revisiting week 3 too. That sky is lovely. I enjoyed the progression of each week, building like a good storm. Great work!

  7. Everyone has come up with such creative and different ways to process their images, I will say Robyns Challenge was a roaring success

    Really creative 🙂

  8. Well, it was touch and go between weeks 2 and 3. In the end I went for 2. The image is very soothing the with minimum processing, though I still enjoy the Stormbrewing process, too!

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