The enthralling world of macro photography

I have finally discovered the enthralling world of macro photography, having been lucky enough to be given a Canon EF 100L lens for Christmas by my loving partner Wade.

During the course of a walk through the Royal National Park, just behind Jibbon Beach where we are anchored, I took some 50 photos of banksias and wildflowers.  My poor Wadie had to put up with frequent stops along the track on a burning hot day.

The detail you discover through a macro lens is simply amazing.  Intricacies you would not notice in the anatomy of a plant with the naked eye, appear in all their splendour.  I was blown away by this and could not wait to share my first set of macro images with you.  I also had fun researching the names of the gorgeous plants I photographed.

I am impressed with the lens; the clarity of the shots, the great light and colours, the ability to focus hand held, despite the constant breeze.  In some cases I found the autofocus was hunting a lot and I had to switch to manual focus to force it to hone in on a particular part of the plant, but this was easily done.  A prime 100mm lens takes a bit of getting used to, since I am so accustomed to zoom lenses, but it forced me to find the right position to capture my images, instead of relying on a zoom.  I have a lot to learn yet, but it is all part of this wondrous hobby.  I am hooked!

Here is a gallery of a few images.  None of these have been altered, other than shrinking them for the web and watermarking them.  I would love to receive your comments and would especially value suggestions from the photographers amongst our followers.

21 thoughts on “The enthralling world of macro photography

  1. I think you have done a great job Chris, well done, I’m with you, it is so amazing seeing the world through a macro lens. I love it. I am impressed you got the names of the plants, I never know what they are.

    • Thank you for the feedback Leanne! My other interest is botany, so I like to find out what we are looking at if I fin’t recognise a plant😊

  2. Beautiful work Chris! I love the Mountain Devil. I made batch of crepes this morning! Your recipe of course…YUM
    Thinking of you both.

    • Great minds think alike! We had crepes as well with Sue on board for a couple of days! Thanks for the feedback on the macros – i really like the feathery one! xox to you both 😍

  3. Oh I have lens envy. I love macro work, so much. It is just incredible, to get so close and in such deep focus. Gorgeous first attempts, Chris. Looks like you really have the hang of it. You won’t look at the world the same way, looking for details is a beautiful way to slow down and appreciate the very little things 🙂

  4. Did I ever tell you how clever I think you are? I know I saw these while on board but they are brilliant such detail, I have enjoyed spending more time looking at them. I too like the feathery ones.
    Have fun, love sue

    • Oui les banksias et les grévilliés sont vraiment curieux; toutes ces plantes sont natives de l’Australie et n’ont pas la douceur des fleurs européennes. Bisous

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