One Four Challenge – January Week Three

I can’t believe how quickly time is rushing by!  Our One Four Challenge for January is already in Week 3.  This is a photo processing project hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me, whereby we work on editing an image of our choice in four different ways, over four weeks.

Week 3 Process – Tapestry

For this week’s edit of my lovely spoonbills in flight, I am continuing my exploration of artistic effects and focusing on texture, wanting the three birds to look like they have been woven on cloth, or needle stitched like in a tapestry.

Using Photoshop Elements 9, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and saturation.  I then applied a Filter/Texture/Texturizer/Canvas.  I have then tweaked the settings – Scaling +175% (out of 200), Relief 3 (out of 50), Light from left.

Here is the result:


Week 3: Tapestry

Here is the progression since week1 for reference:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This interpretation appeals to my liking for needlework.  What do you think?  Your comments as always are welcome.

Be sure to check other participants’ contributions one the One Four Challenge by clicking here.

33 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January Week Three

  1. I dont have anything useful to say but everyone likes a compliment right? This is really beautiful and I love the colours in it but the texture just adds that extra something special 🙂

  2. Just found this when you were already in week 3, and have to say I’m hugely impressed that you captured the original image! Not easy to get birds in flight, especially spoonbills which don’t seem to fly that often.

    • Thanks Ellen – the wetlands are amazing for this and although it was niot a bright sunny day, I had a fantastic time observing and photographing. I have enough images of them to do a dedicated bird photo post on the spoonbills later! Thanks forcthe kind feedback!

  3. Now that is impressive Chris, I can actually see this as a rug on the floor as well as a tapestry. Quite a good effect I reckon

  4. Yes I could definitely see this being stitched! Hello Chris – I made it 😃
    There is a freshness and warmth that I really enjoy about this edition and the canvas adds more interest with texture!!
    So glad youre enjoying exploring your artist side as well. A very nice #3! 😃

  5. Chris of course my fave is the swirls, but this is an excellent variation, I see both tapestry and/or canvas in the texture and its a great job 🙂

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