Moody Moruya

We had never really been up a river with a barred entrance on Take It Easy so our foray up the Moruya River had special appeal.  It is always a little tense to come across a bar, even when the conditions are perfect: early morning, calm, tide coming in.

TIE at the Moruya jetty at sunset.

TIE at the Moruya jetty at sunset.

We had three miles to go upstream to reach the little township, just before the bridge which stops any yacht from progressing further.  The river is not very deep, with lots of sandbanks at low tide, but there was plenty of water for us.  We tied up along the small jetty, half hanging out to leave enough room for the local fishing charter boats to do their business, and stayed there for two nights.  Moruya is a handy spot to replenish supplies, with water at the jetty, good supermarket and Laundromat up the street, and a service station across the bridge.  The weekly Saturday market on the shores was fun: just step off the boat and wander!

Take It Easy was a bit of a novelty and attracted lots of onlookers (we don’t think too many yachts come to visit), and we met up with friends, making our time there a very social one.

But the highlights of this little adventure were our early morning arrival and departure, with the soft light, the gentle reflections and the mist over the water… just dreamy!

After quite a number of days of southerly wind, the Northerlies have returned and we are now resuming our southward descent, aiming for Bermagui then the Eden region.

Here are a few photos.  Click on the first image to display in full screen slideshow.

16 thoughts on “Moody Moruya

  1. You excelled yourself with this latest batch of photos……..Thanks Chris …..Frank

  2. Reflections are lovely Chris quite eery. I can picture myself walking on the bank looking a TIE in the mist

    • Oh Cybele, you are so generous with your comments. Thank you. Yes dawn on the Moruya River was just superb. It makes getting up early worthwhile!

  3. Mystical photos Chris. Just beautiful.

    It’d be interesting to compare the photos of the bar on the day you crossed it with other days with high wind or large swell.

  4. Beautiful photos Chris, I’m sitting in tea room at work for lunch and enjoying very much catching up with your blog. Happy sailing for rest of trip south.

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