Latest sailing journal hot off the press!

After a couple of weeks of feverish typing and ploughing through hundreds of photos, our latest sailing journal is ready! “Summer 2014/15 Coastal Wanderings” is now available on the Cruise Stories /on board Take It Easy Page of our website.  For those of you who are interested in the nitty gritty of our voyage, you can…

All good things come to an end!

Having left Bittangabee at dawn on Tuesday, the hardest part of the voyage was ahead of us: a 124nm (about 20 hours) passage back to the Gippsland Lakes in lumpy seas and light variable breeze, not to mention the end of our cruise.

Bittangabee Magic

What a way to end our exploration of the NSW coast!  Bittangabee, with its crystal clear inlet and georgeous little nook around the corner from the main bay would have to be the most heavenly anchorage of our cruise. You are not strictly alone here.  There is an established bush camping site on the Southern…

Getting close to Victoria

After leaving the misty Moruya River, we returned to Broulee to wait for the Northerlies, catching up again with Chris and Michelle, our boat building friends who were holidaying there.

Moody Moruya

We had never really been up a river with a barred entrance on Take It Easy so our foray up the Moruya River had special appeal.  It is always a little tense to come across a bar, even when the conditions are perfect: early morning, calm, tide coming in.

Sea Cave

Coastal Wanderings

We have had a lot of Southerlies for the past few days, and more to come… getting the weather we wanted for Lord Howe a month too late!  So our progress down the coast has been somewhat halted.  But since we have time, we are taking things leisurely, although just to keep us on our…

Storm approaching

Stormy Weather

It is not always life in paradise on a boat, especially in stormy or rainy conditions.  You do feel you are at the mercy of the elements in inclement weather – even when you are not out there in the rough and tumble, but just simply at anchor, waiting for the storm to pass, the…