Latest sailing journal hot off the press!

After a couple of weeks of feverish typing and ploughing through hundreds of photos, our latest sailing journal is ready! “Summer 2014/15 Coastal Wanderings” is now available on the Cruise Stories /on board Take It Easy Page of our website.  For those of you who are interested in the nitty gritty of our voyage, you can download the PDF and read it at your leisure. The journal is the daily chronicle of our voyage, with details of where we went, what we discovered, and what it was like, warts and all. Enjoy a virtual cruise with us!

12 thoughts on “Latest sailing journal hot off the press!

    • Thanks Leanne… The Pre blog way of sharing the trip with friends and family! A few people still like reading the nitty gritty and I must admit we enjoy re-visiting the anchorages too later!😊

  1. Thanks for the great read. Well done. Printed, read and added to the TIE library collection.

    • You make us laugh! Hey Wade asked me to say he wasn’t being rude Mike when you saw him doing huge meanders in the McMillan channel. The rudders had been taken off for repair and he was trying to get to the slip with just the two engines… very challenging! I’m glad it was him at the controls and not me – I would have had kittens!

      • No, wasn’t us. Haven’t been to Paynesville lately, busy boatbuilding and like being there when it’s quieter. Tricky maneuver, pulled of successfully!!

      • Oh OK I thought Wade mentioned Mike and another person we had met last year when we were heading off to Lord Howe ! Never mind…

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