Moruya to Bittangabee – Getting Close!

The ‘normal’ weather pattern in summer along the NSW coast is typified by several days of NE ahead of a southerly change, when the wind gradually shifts to SE and back to NE as the high moves into the Tasman Sea.  However the weather does not always follow the rules.  And certainly this summer, it has…

Hiding again from the southerlies!

“Hide-dash-hide”seems to be our rhythm these days!  After our epic sail to Jervis Bay and a rest day while a weak southerly change passed, we did a dash to Moruya, 65 nautical miles further south when the northerly returned – only just for a day, mind you!

Moody Moruya

We had never really been up a river with a barred entrance on Take It Easy so our foray up the Moruya River had special appeal.  It is always a little tense to come across a bar, even when the conditions are perfect: early morning, calm, tide coming in.