Moruya to Bittangabee – Getting Close!

The ‘normal’ weather pattern in summer along the NSW coast is typified by several days of NE ahead of a southerly change, when the wind gradually shifts to SE and back to NE as the high moves into the Tasman Sea.  However the weather does not always follow the rules.  And certainly this summer, it has been a battle to get south with sustained southerlies and short-lived northerlies.  The weather has felt much more volatile.

Take It Easy at Moruya

Take It Easy moored at the Moruya Jetty

So once again we have stayed put for five nights, sheltered on the Moruya River, till the northerlies returned for two days. Remember the ‘short dash-long hide’ rhythm?  It is still happening! Although our stay at Moruya felt a bit long, we were social, catching up with local friends and those holidaying close by.  We chose to stay at the public jetty for the duration, rather than anchor out in the river. It made our coming and going ashore easier. We enjoyed the company of our friends, the local produce and craft market on Saturday, and took a few walks to keep cabin fever at bay. What we did not enjoy were the uninvited guests on board: a fisherman who set up on our outside bow during the day while we had gone for a walk, and three night visitors trying to get into the boat at 3.00 in the morning!  Thank god they were all easily shooed away with a stern “get off the boat”. One thing is for certain, lock your boat if you are going to leave it unattended even for a short time, and if you want a good night sleep, anchor out!

The northerlies could not come back quick enough on Monday – back out in the ocean we went. Big Red, the spinnaker, has been getting a good airing and we love it. Yesterday we sailed to Bermagui, a fishing village 35 nautical miles on.  It is always nerve racking coming in to this very tight little harbour with wind and tide pushing us in, and having to come to a stop pretty quickly to raft up against a fishing boat and avoid running into the ones moored in front!   Not a spot for the fainthearted…

Today we are sailing a further 50nm to reach our favourite nook, south of Eden at Bittangabee. We will stay there for two nights, and wait for the right forecast to get “around the corner” into Victoria.  We will see how things develop for the last 200nm leg of our odyssey!

For now, here are a few images from our time at Moruya and Bermagui.

4 thoughts on “Moruya to Bittangabee – Getting Close!

  1. I love the shots of the lotuses, Chris, one of my favorite flowers. It’s hard to think of tropical flowers, though, in the midst of the frigid weather we are experiencing. It was 18 degrees F (minus 8 C) and windy when I went out with my camera this morning. Most of the animals and birds had more common sense and stayed hidden in sheltered positions.

    • Hi Mike, although we are not getting your low temperatures, we can certainly feel we have left the tropics and are in cooler temperate climes – not as muggy and the water is much cooler. Those lotuses were a surprise on our walk along the river… A little pond of lilies…

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