Tucked in at Bittangabee

There is something about Bittangabee that is really appealing: peaceful, 100% protection from any wind of any strength right up in the creek, nice walks.  Not many yachties come here.  They favour Eden, 9 miles north.  But if you like little nooks and have a shallow draft, this is a winner of an anchorage.


Anchorage in front of the Storehouse

This time, since we were only going to be here for two nights, we anchored in front of the storehouse ruin at the entrance of the inlet, and did not go right up the creek, around the corner.  In days gone by, the storehouse was where supplies were brought from Eden and kept for the nearby Green Cape Lighthouse.  Nowadays it is just a ruin, but a handy landmark.  You meander your way into the inlet and its rocky shores, and throw the pick in front of it.

A southerly change and storm were forecast on the evening we got there.  The light was eerie, the clouds ominous, but we were tucked in and all was peaceful in our little anchorage.  The next day was calm but grey and a little soggy so we stayed on board, resting before the last big push home.

Here are a few images of our favourite hideaway.

13 thoughts on “Tucked in at Bittangabee

    • She had just stood up like a meerkat to check out people swimming to the boat, but I wasn’t quick enough to capture it!
      We are now officially in Victoria, past Gabo Island. We’ll get to Lakes before dawn tomorrow then decide whether to stop or keep going to Port Albert before the southerly change. We have over a week so no more hurry!

    • Yes it is but we left our hideaway at dawn. We are underway and passed Gabo about 9 or 10 but now at noon have SW winds – not the forecast! We are heading for the Skerries (a bit before Rame Head) on the Victorian coast to take shelter and may have to turn back to Gabo if it does not shift back to ENE! Fun and games!

    • Hi Charlie – thanks so much for the follow and your comments. The adventure is nearly over, but there will be others! Hope you enjoy the series of posts from our cruise. We will soon get back to the normal pace of wildlife and bird photography!

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