One Four Challenge – February Week Two

We are now in Week 2 of the One Four Challenge, a photo editing project hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me. I am glad I chose this little fellow to work on this month as I have picked up ideas already from the feedback kindly given by other participants.

Week 2 Interpretation

This week, I want my little Chestnut Teal to stand out more in his glorious colours so the whole image really pops.  So here is what I have done:

  • Cropped a tiny bit of the image to move the duck a fraction to the left, as suggested by SueJ, to give him a little more room to swim!
  • Created a background layer and applied a colour burn at 50% opacity.  This gave the whole image more vibrance and intensity of colour (thanks Stacey and Loré),
  • Applied the filter Distort/Spherise at 100% to  bring out the Chesnut Teal a little more.  It is a subtle effect, but it works in my eyes.

Here is the result:

Chesnut Teal

Chestnut Teal – Colour Burn

As a reminder, this is the progression to date:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found some of your comments were very helpful, so again welcome your feedback.

29 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February Week Two

  1. Yes I like this a lot, better tonal range across the water and the extra punch with the bird is just enuf to make him the focus of the image, nice job Chris

  2. I like the contrast od the bird & the water. The enhanced colours in the Teal really set him up in the environment

  3. Chris, the water on this is just an amazing color… your edits made a quite a bit of difference from last week. Great job. It’s amazing what a little tweak can do. 😀

    • Yes – I picked up the idea of using the colour burn with reduced opacity from another participant a few weeks ago, and I like what can be achieved. Getting a bit more daring with colour intensity, too! Thanks Nic!

  4. Chris, Ive enjoyed reading everyone’s comments this week and I like all the things you’ve put into place here. The colours of the duck and the water are great. He is definitely the focus in all his finery. Nice job 😃😃

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