Adventure with a big ‘A’

Recently my cousin Michel, who knows our passion for adventure, introduced us to the amazing work of photographer and film maker Richard Sidey  during expeditions which took him to the polar regions.


Gentoo Chicks by Richard Sidey

Icebergs at Scoresby Sound by Richard Sidey

Icebergs at Scoresby Sound by Richard Sidey

Richard Sidey is based in Wanaka, New Zealand.  Part of his assignments include being the official photographer on expedition vessels.  When I think of ‘the dream job’, this is it!  His work is inspirational and compelling.

We just had to share this!

We have included a link to his website and to the video my cousin forwarded to us – if this does not make you wish you could visit these extreme wilderness regions, nothing will!

18 thoughts on “Adventure with a big ‘A’

  1. Bonjour En effet la vidéo est merveilleuse. Les images m’ ont fait pensé à l’Islande et la beauté des paysages de glacier glissant dans la mer sans parler des oiseaux decouverts comme les sternes arctiques…. Plein de bisous Véro

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