Flamboyant pom-poms

Sometimes, not being able to go sailing on a weekend has its rewards.  Even after living in Australia for 34 years, I have a special fascination for eucalyptus blossoms.  May be it is because they are so different to the flowering trees of my native France.  There are so flamboyant, so beautiful and interesting with the varied shades and shapes of their flowers.  No petals, just a show of stamens, then shapely gumnuts.  You often see the different growth stages on the one branch: the buds, the flowers, the gumnuts, and these help identify the individual species.

As I was wandering from tree to tree in the streets of Jan Juc, native bees and insects were busily going from bloom to bloom, drinking from the balls of nectar, and rainbow lorikeets were noisily foraging amongst the branches adding flashes of colour with their showy plumage.

Here is a gallery of wanderings with my Canon 7D Mark II, and 100 macro lens in hand.  Where I could, I have indicated the type of eucalyptus the blooms belong to.  Some I know well, others I am not 100% sure.  Regardless, I hope you will enjoy these colourful pom-poms.  My all time favourite is the Caesia Gum, also called Silver Princess.  Which is yours?

23 thoughts on “Flamboyant pom-poms

  1. Hi Chris&Wade,…..great photography as usual ….they are all beautiful….Frank

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  2. Goodmorning Chris…just enjoyed looking at your stunning photos of the flowering gums!! Absolutely beautiful! Hard to choose a favourite but I think its the Leucoxylon Rosea,,, such a delicate soft pink, reminds me of newborn baby girls…fairies….! LOVE your photos…amazing! Well done! Jan

    • Hi Guys, yes they are quite unique and every eucalyptus tree has blossoms of different colours and sizes… it’s quite a show at this time of year when many are in flower.

  3. I like them all Chris, a great time of year for them. We have a number on the golf course and they are also stunning. Well done

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