One Four Challenge – June Week Two

Our June One Four Challenge continues.  Hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me, this exciting photo processing project involves us working on an image of our choice and producing four different interpretations in four weeks.  The range of images are varied again this month.

Mine is an image taken of a sunset over the Gippsland Lakes in late May.

Week 2 process : Golden light

My objective this week is to recreate what we saw at the height of the sunset: a warm glow, with lovely orange tones from the setting sun reflected in the waters of Lake Victoria.

To do this I adjusted the original image, by raising the exposure, contrast and temperature, tweaking the highlights and shadows slightly, then increasing the clarity, vibrance and a little saturation till I felt it was a fair representation of what we witnessed.  I added a graduated filter at the top to bring out the golden glow of the reflected sunlight in the clouds.

Here is the result:

Week 2 - Golden Light

Week two – Golden Light

As a reminder, here is the progression to date, including the original image:

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27 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – June Week Two

  1. i agree. its a beautiful photo with the orange colours and reflection. Against the cool blue version it shows quite a contrast in mood.

  2. wow, i’d love to finish a project in half an hour. Almost finished the trampolines.

  3. This is a tough one. Both weeks one and two have positives that make it impossible to choose a favor- though at this moment I am leaning towards week two! Great job on both!

  4. Chris, this is gorgeous!! The warmth and all that you’ve achieved this week, makes this such an inviting image! ‘Come with me’ to paradise? Love it! Fabulous!

    • Well Robyn the colours might fool you into thinking it’s paradise, but the temperature when it was taken might bring you back to the cold reality😀. Thanks for the kinds words.

  5. Although I liked the cool tones of last week as it was a different approach to a sunset picture, I have to say I much prefer the warmer tones. Something about it feels more natural. Nice editing.

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