New rudder fitted!

Rudder close up

Rudder close up

Take It Easy is no longer limping!  We have a new rudder, thanks to Grenville Eastley and Peter Snell who came out on Monday and spent a few hours installing it and making adjustments so it fits!  All is good.  This called for celebrations!  Thank you guys for getting us out of trouble.  The Easy family has been sensational.

The boys are now ready to go again, and left Mooloolaba at 6.30am this morning (on Tuesday), bound for Double Island Point and the Wide Bay Bar.  Depending on the time they arrive at the bar and the conditions, they may go straight in, or anchor outside and go in the next morning. Weather Map-1 No rush, since the Frenchies don’t arrive until July 15th.  A week to go, which I suspect Wade & Mike will spend wandering around the Sandy Straits, looking for sand or mud crabs!  Last time we were there in a hire yacht, we caught a few!  The Sandy Straits are an area of protected but shallow waters between the mainland and Fraser Island. During our last visit, we managed to stray outside the narrow channels and run aground.   We had to wait for the tide to come in to get back afloat and discreetly motor off to deeper waters in the middle of the night.  So guys, mind the new rudder!

Here is Grenville’s handy work:

14 thoughts on “New rudder fitted!

  1. Good to see a few adjustments and you are on your way, might go a lot faster with 2 rudders, hope the crabs are waiting for you, the weather looks great.

  2. looking at the internal condition and end section i’d say it was only a question of when. I’d suggest you take a good look at the other rudder shaft when next back in the lakes.

    • The old rudder shaft is going to go back to the shipyard as we think the welding left a lot to be desired! Talk to Wade and he will fill you in!

  3. That’s Great news ,Christine and Wade what an Awsome team,I am up at Double Island Point at the moment and I saw a couple of Boats under sail in the distance, and you know I wondered if it was Take it Easy, happy Sailing Boys, I am very Envious .Cheers Mal.and Kim and Loki.

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  4. Nothing ever goes according to the master plan but it all came good in the end. Great to meet you guys finally and happy sailing, hope to catch you later in the lovely Hervey Bay region

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