April One Photo Focus

At the beginning of each month, photographers from around the globe work at editing a single image to apply their creativity and bring their own personal interpretation.  This is a great challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing.  For April, our One Photo Focus challenge image is provided by Cee Neuner.

April Image

Here is the original image:

April OPF Original.jpg

We have no detail of where this was taken, or what it actually is, but to me this looks like an old barn.

My Process

As soon as I saw Cee’s photograph, I thought: nice barn, shame about the power pole and lines. So in Photoshop I went about removing these.  The next step was to adjust the curves to bring out details in the timber walls and sky, and to crop the image a little.

The next major step was to export the image into FotoSketcher to turn it into an oil painting. There I played around with the settings to draw out colours and textures.

Here is the result:

Barn Oil Painting_small

I like the painterly look and the effect on the sky.  What do you think?

To  view how other participants have interpreted Cee’s image, click on this link.

Thanks to both Cee for providing her image for us to play with and Stacy for kindly coordinating the challenge.



22 thoughts on “April One Photo Focus

  1. I liked the painting effect, looks good.. Looks rustic. Great to get rid of the 21st century things.

  2. Chris, I love the painterly effect!! And removing the power line was something I never even considered. You’ve got some mad Photoshop skills! Wonderful edit 🙂

  3. Love what you did here, Chris. Obviously I’ve been remiss at commenting on most of the submissions this month. I apologize. Did you have much trouble removing the pole and wires? What app did you use?

      • I’ve never learned photoshop, even though I own it. I started with Lightroom and never progressed.

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