Wild Deal

For the third post of our Easter 2016 Cruise series, we share with you some wild seascapes and endearing wildlife on Deal Island.

Deal Island-9

Territorial Cape Barren Geese and gentle Bennett Wallabies

When we emerge after a peaceful night at anchor, Bennett Wallabies and Cape Barren Geese are on the beach at Garden Cove, our first sight in the morning light. The geese patrol their territory and pursue invaders, including us.  They honk loudly even charging towards us, neck outstretched, as soon as our back is turned, but when we face them they run away in a flap.  They are quite comical, odd looking birds.  In contrast, the Bennett Wallabies look very gentle. Some quietly graze, others sit on their backside with their tail forward, looking like little oldies in their comfy armchair. Then it is time for bird watching of the much smaller and fleeting kind. The Beautiful Firetail, Silvereye, Grey Fantail, Richard’s Pipit, Flame Robin, Willy Wagtail, Blue Wren…  are some of our finds.

Murray Pass Deal Island

Murray Pass Panoramic

Walks around the island are one of the delights of being on Deal.  As well as enjoying the wildlife, we explore right around Garden Cove on the first day, then take a wander around the cottages and up Barn Hill on the second day.  We give the lighthouse a miss, having been there a few times.  It is now closed for safety reasons, due to its state of disrepair – a shame for such a significant site, but we don’t miss the steep climb! The walk up Barn Hill is rewarding enough for us. The scenery is magnificent and the shoreline spectacular with its rugged cliffs and jagged rocky outcrops.

We have been to Deal Island many times and it is our friend Sue’s second visit.  Her first coincided with our first ever post on this website, “The Real Deal” in June 2014.  We never tire of this beautiful, remote part of Tasmania and one of the most iconic Bass Strait islands to sail to.


11 thoughts on “Wild Deal

  1. Oh wow! Thank you for sharing these wonderful images from such an interesting island. Love those geese 🙂 I would be in heaven with the bird life I think! I was actually born in Tasmania although we left before I even turned a year old. I love seeing new things about the part of the world I hail from 🙂

  2. The thought of visiting Deal is a motivator for us as we build Selah. I have been across the straight a couple of times, but as a rule Tassy yachties tend to give the islands a miss, and head straight for Eden. I grew up with that mindset, so as a consequence came to imagine they are not good cruising grounds. You and Wade have caused a rethink, and I cant wait to stopover on our way north in 2018.

    • Oh good… More of these gems in the next post! You know the Furneaux and Deal are one of our favourite cruising grounds: rugged, uncrowded… Come to think about it, we should keep quiet about them so they stay off the radar! 😜

    • Thanks Ellen – yes the Bass strait Islands and Tasmania are very special. The islands in particular are not explored often by yachties… Their loss, our joy!

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