Garden Cove, Deal Island

Wild Deal

For the third post of our Easter 2016 Cruise series, we share with you some wild seascapes and endearing wildlife on Deal Island.

Approaching Deal Island

Passage to Deal

This is the second in a series of four posts about our Easter 2016 Cruise.  After the big emotions of the first passage, Outback Dreamer elects to stay put at the Prom rather than follow us to Deal Island.  But for us the opportunity to escape is too tempting and we are off!

Cat Meeting at Waterloo Bay

Easter is generally an opportunity for a small foray into Bass Strait.  With it comes an internet detox: out there there is no phone contact, no email, no internet coverage.  So a series of four posts about our Easter 2016 Cruise will be published on our return.  Here is the first of the series.

Seals of Judgement

One of our goals whilst in the Kent Group was to sail to Judgement Rocks and South West Island.  These isolated islets some 10 nautical miles to the west of Deal Island in Eastern Bass Strait, have a reputation for attracting Orcas.  We did not see any, but were however greeted by hundreds of Australian…

The Real Deal

It had ben three months since our last decent sailing adventure and we were having withdrawal symptoms.  So over the Easter break we took an offshore trip to Deal Island, in the middle of Eastern Bass Strait.  “What?  3 months later, you post a blog on this?” I hear you say.  Well things have been…