Stop Over at Hogan Island

For the fourth and last post in our Easter 2016 Cruise series we take you to Hogan Island, about a third of the way from Deal Island to Port Albert where our mooring is. Rather than go straight home, we decide to take advantage of the calm conditions and stop overnight at this wild place.

Big Bay, Hogan Island

Big Bay, Hogan Island

Hogan is the main island in a group of six, but with a different character to the Kent Group. Although it looks very green, the island is rugged and exposed. You don’t get the sense of security of being wrapped inside a U shaped bay at anchor. It is low lying, rocky and windswept. Few yachties ever stop here.

There are two main anchorages: Big Bay, an open ‘roadstead’ with a patch of sand in deep water (about 12m down) and Small Bay around the corner, a tighter cove with a shallower sandy bottom. Small Bay is our choice and we add lines ashore on either side, for added security overnight. This is because the cove is quite small, edged with granite boulders and we are not sure we can do a full circle at anchor if the wind direction changes. At least this way we won’t budge and sleep well even if the wind picks up.  After all, Hogan is known as the windiest spot in Bass Strait, so it pays to be extra cautious. But today the conditions are light and variable and we sit quietly in our cat’s cradle.

A walk ashore makes us realise this is penguin country. Well worn tracks through the grass and lots of burrows abound here. We meet a group of divers very surprised to see a catamaran anchored – just as surprised as we are to see them! The views from the top of the hill are far reaching: Deal Island and the Kent Group in the distance to the southeast and the Prom to the northwest. You really feel you are in the middle of Bass Strait!

Last time we were here, the wind was blowing hard. Today, it is quiet: only the sound of the waves crashing on the rocky shores and the honking of cape barren geese. And tonight the silence gives way to the raucous calls of little penguins returning to their burrows. We like it here.  It is a nice spot to spend the last night of our Easter Cruise.

It is over for another Easter, but our mind is already turned to the next extra long weekend in a few weeks! We will see where this takes us. For now, here are shots of our passage to Hogan and some images of the island.


14 thoughts on “Stop Over at Hogan Island

  1. Your scenery shots are awesome, Chris–I love the simple compositions of the land, the sea, and the sky. It’s great to see Bengie in action–that’s a great “patrol” shot.

    • Thank you Mike. I love the mix of ruggedness, remoteness yet the green slopes. And our patrolling ship cat… When she is not hiding under the blanket! She is our unofficial weather forecaster – out on deck: flat as a tack; under cover: rough seas!

  2. Rugged and beautiful! I particularly like your boulders shot. What were the divers seeing underwater? Is it dry-suit diving territory or can you get away with a 7mm hoodie?

    • In calm conditions it’s peaceful, but in the main this is a very exposed spot and when the wind is up not a good place to be. Thanks for visiting.

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