Little Bay, Hogan Island

Stop Over at Hogan Island

For the fourth and last post in our Easter 2016 Cruise series we take you to Hogan Island, about a third of the way from Deal Island to Port Albert where our mooring is. Rather than go straight home, we decide to take advantage of the calm conditions and stop overnight at this wild place.

Garden Cove, Deal Island

Wild Deal

For the third post of our Easter 2016 Cruise series, we share with you some wild seascapes and endearing wildlife on Deal Island.

Approaching Deal Island

Passage to Deal

This is the second in a series of four posts about our Easter 2016 Cruise.  After the big emotions of the first passage, Outback Dreamer elects to stay put at the Prom rather than follow us to Deal Island.  But for us the opportunity to escape is too tempting and we are off!