June One Photo Focus

It is the beginning of the month, which means another session in the digital darkroom to work on the June One Photo Focus image.  This is a photo processing project hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing, whereby participants from all corners of the globe get to work on a single image. As Stacy puts it, it really highlights the creative magic behind post-processed photos.

June Image

This month’s image is kindly provided by David Croker of CADEPhotographic. It depicts a peaceful river scene on a sunny day and was taken at Broxborne in Hertfordshire, UK.

Here is the original:

June OPF Original

My Process

I love the feel of David’s image. You know me by now: boats and water… a winning combination! However I found the original was a little dark and underexposed. So my first step was to give it a lift, to get a brighter, more crystalline quality. Using Lightroom, I made adjustments to temperature and tone, exposure, shadows and highlights, blacks and whites, clarity and vibrance. Here is a screenshot showing the sliders and the effect on the image:

June Process

The second step was to crop the image as a panoramic and add a light vignette, to focus our attention on the moored cruisers  and their reflections.

This is the result:

June OPF Edited

I wish I could have eliminated the pylons and power lines, but unfortunately my editing skills are not that good!

Thank you David for letting us play with your image. I had fun editing it. And many thanks Stacy for coordinating this great challenge. It is always enjoyable to take part and inspiring to see the range of interpretations from other participants. To have a look at what others have done this month, click on the One Photo Challenge badge.




15 thoughts on “June One Photo Focus

      • I’m into this 16:9 crop these days. I was just cropping some a minute ago. I like that you did something different but I know what you mean. Many times I look back and second guess.

  1. Nice crop, draws the attention to the boats, that’s no coincidence I suppose! I’m not sure that keeping the pylons and power lines in is a bad thing, it draws us back to reality! Nice work! 🙂

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