Birds Galore

While Wade and his brothers were having a boys’ weekend surfing, I decided to do my own thing: bird photography at Healesville Sanctuary, in the company of my friend Leanne Cole and at the Lake Borrie Wetlands.

Hundreds of images were narrowed down to the highlights in this gallery, and I have plenty of material for future Bird Photography Challenges!  All images were taken with the Canon 7dii and EF100-400mm super zoom, a great combination for wildlife action.



21 thoughts on “Birds Galore

      • The colours are just extraordinary!! We do have green ring-necked parakeets in the UK now which I find great fun to watch but even our other more colourful birds are still more muted than those parrots!! I must properly process and post the red kite images I’ve taken this year. Stunning to watch them soaring in the skies above 🙂 They’re a huge success story of reintroduction as the English birds had been driven to extinction!

      • Here too some of the parrots are endangered, like the yellow Regent Parrot whose habitat (the big Red Gums) is disappearing. We have a lot to answer for.

      • Oh don’t we just!!!! So much wildlife has been disappearing almost without notice over the last century. It’s mostly down to habitat destruction for buildings and infrastructure 😦 The other big culprit here has been intensive farming practices! It’s a worldwide crisis now 😥

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