Bound for France

Tomorrow we are catching a plane to France, to be with my Dad for three weeks. We will spend some time in Normandy and Brittany. It will be a family affair, with the opportunity to explore the countryside together. 

But more than anything else, this will be an emotional trip, since the last time I was there was after my Mum died. It has been nearly a year since Dad’s world changed forever, and he has bravely struggled on his own.  But after more than 60 years together, life without his beloved can only be described as a lonely, heartbreaking battle. Let’s hope our time together brings a little lightness and joy to him. Wade is coming too, but it is not without worry as his Mum has been very feeble for weeks. She is in a nursing home, no longer able to care for herself.  So as you can imagine, we are both rather anxious.

With this change of pace over the next few weeks, we will pause our usual posts about our sailing adventures and bird photography, and instead share with you our voyage to my homeland.  No promise on post frequency – we will see how things develop.

A bientôt!


34 thoughts on “Bound for France

  1. I can understand all your anxieties!! You’ll be heading for warmer weather at least 🙂 I hope your dad has a good close community and circle of friends? 60yrs is an amazing amount of devotion and love. It’s so difficult for those of us with family at opposite ends of the earth! It’s a long journey. My mum is quite desperate to see her eldest brother in Napier and all the family there before travelling gets harder for her and my dad. Bon voyage mes amis!

      • I think it can feel like the easier choice for many, especially when they’ve lost their soul-mate! Must be very hard for you Chris. I hope your visit to him will lift his spirits a bit and bring you a bit of peace of mind too! Do you ever hire a boat in France? Not too far to sail to some of the Channel Islands if the weather holds fair.

      • In previous years we have hired a canal boat but not a yacht. It was a perfect pace for my folks and they really enjoyed it. But not this year… The memories would be too painful for dad.

  2. Bon Voyage….I hope your Dad has a good time with you, I shall be thinking of you…it’s hard with parents getting frail and old

  3. Safe traveling Chris and Wade. 60 years together is an amazing thing, but I can’t even imagine how much he misses his beloved. We did a house-swap in Brittany in a village called Plour-sur-rance (excuse spelling please!) near St Malo in 09. Fell in love with a nearby medieval village called Dinard that looks very similar to the photo. Such a beautiful part of the world.

  4. Best wishes, Chris, for a safe trip. Getting old is an inevitable part of life, but that reality provides scant comfort as we deal with the consequences in our own lives. It’s hard to know what to do for aging parents, especially when they have experienced such loss. Sometimes being there is all you can do. Take care as you begin this journey.

  5. having just found your blog, I am slowly catching up going through posts. Hope you have a good time in France, difficult though it will be, I am sure your Father will love having you home. If you get the chance to head down the coast at all, come down to the Charente Maritime and say Hi, would love to hear some of your sailing stories, if you read my post of a couple of weeks ago, you will see our 16 year old daughter just did a great three week trip with her godmother from the UK down to La Rochelle on their Maxi 1100.

  6. I sincerely wish you and your father the very best. Your honesty and openess is very moving. May your time in France, a very beautiful country be a very special one indeed. God bless you both.

    • What a lovely comment. The trip went very well, thank you. We are back in Australia now but regularly Skype with Dad who is doing a little better since our time together.

      • You are most welcome the pleasure is mine indeed. It makes me truly happy that your father is feeling better. I’m currently also living in Australia, in a lovely town in the Macedon ranges. I miss Europe but Australia is home and I’m extremely happy here. Take great care and my best wished to your father.

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