Discoveries in Normandy

As we spend precious time with my Dad, we talk, we reminisce, we cry and we laugh, but we also play tourists. bataille-3When we think of Normandy, we think of picturesque villages, stunning coastlines, apple cider and tasty cheeses. Opulent castles and splendid formal gardens reached through narrow lanes and hidden in the countryside are an unexpected find.  Such was our discovery of “Château du Champ de Bataille” where the photos in the gallery were taken. To our Australian eyes, the bumble bees and white swans were simple delights too, contrasting with the richness of the castle near the town of Le Neubourg.

16 thoughts on “Discoveries in Normandy

  1. Have spent many happy summer days in Normandy in the past, hope the sun continues to shine and you have a good time. Hope you get to the coast a little and that you Father has a wonderful time with you visiting.

  2. Beautiful, historic & so different from Oz. looking forward to seeing some of Normandy next year. Not looking good for Chris, just spoke to Michael. She’s back in hospital will keep you posted. Have fun & enjoy

      • Whenever family from Australia or New Zealand visit they always comment on the historic places here in the UK which is similar to all of Europe in that sense! There are some fabulous formal gardens and grand mansions here but the French took it to a new level in the time of Louis XIV! Versaille is the ultimate example of the opulence of the era.

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