Last Sights of France

As we were flying over France, we felt happiness and relief that everything went well with my Dad and with Wade’s Mum back in Australia, but I also felt great sadness at leaving my Dad all alone.

A second week in picturesque Brittany

Still in Brittany and really enjoying our time there! We have continued our exploration of its southern shores in the Morbihan area.  What a gorgeous, varied region. After leaving our rental accommodation near La Roche-Bernard, sister Véronique and Didier drove back to their home in Toulouse last Saturday, whereas Dad and us joined our cousins…

Add a bit of salt to your life

The Guérande region is renowned all over France for its sea salt production, from rock salt to the finest “Fleur de Sel”. A rock wall separates the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan and the salt marshes. A wander around the extensive network of salt ponds was both informative and scenic, with lovely plays in colour.