Last Sights of France

As we were flying over France, we felt happiness and relief that everything went well with my Dad and with Wade’s Mum back in Australia, but I also felt great sadness at leaving my Dad all alone.

A second week in picturesque Brittany

Still in Brittany and really enjoying our time there! We have continued our exploration of its southern shores in the Morbihan area.  What a gorgeous, varied region. After leaving our rental accommodation near La Roche-Bernard, sister Véronique and Didier drove back to their home in Toulouse last Saturday, whereas Dad and us joined our cousins…

Add a bit of salt to your life

The Guérande region is renowned all over France for its sea salt production, from rock salt to the finest “Fleur de Sel”. A rock wall separates the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan and the salt marshes. A wander around the extensive network of salt ponds was both informative and scenic, with lovely plays in colour. 

Neolithic Carnac

The largest megalithic site in the world, the Alignment of Ménec in Carnac is an outstanding collection of Neolithic stones dating back from 3000 to 5000 BC.  It deserves its own post, such is the incredibly dense assembly of thousands of Menhirs. We had heard of Carnac, but nothing could have prepared us for this astounding site.

Little Breton village of La Roche-Bernard

We have moved to the Southern part of Brittany, in the region of Morbihan.  It is wonderfully picturesque and there is a lot to discover together.  We are settled in a tiny hamlet in the middle of the Breton countryside, on the edge of the river Vilaine, 20 minutes’ drive from the old port of La…

Etretat Cliffs

Normandy Coastal Icons

The most iconic spots along the Normandy coast would have to be Honfleur and Etretat. Even with the summer crowds, it was wonderful to revisit those two seaside towns where I spent a lot of time as a child. Honfleur is a small port on the southern bank of the Seine Estuary. The Old Basin in the centre of…