Last Sights of France

As we were flying over France, we felt happiness and relief that everything went well with my Dad and with Wade’s Mum back in Australia, but I also felt great sadness at leaving my Dad all alone.


Papa and I in the forest of Beaumont


Maman, a few years back at Josselin


I know these next few days will be though and lonely for him, because we have left, because it would be Mum’s birthday today, and the one year anniversary of her death on August 30.

We hang on to memories. Because they are joyful, we feel happy. But that also makes them painful. That is the price we pay for love.


Here are our last images of France: in the forest near Dad’s home, and as we fly away, bound for Australia.


27 thoughts on “Last Sights of France

  1. so glad you enjoyed the holiday with your dad. I am sure you’re planning your next trip.

  2. Hi Chris,
    You look so much like your Papa!
    Waz and I are thinking of you both now and what you have shown us about sailing. As you know we are now on our charter cat in the whitsundays. Today we are with our sail guide who is teaching us how to skipper our own cat.
    So much to learn!
    Safe trip home. Lots of love,
    Lisa and Waz

    • Thanks Lisa – and all the best for your time sailing. Have fun, fair winds, warm water for snorkeling, good fishing. We are thinking of you two.💕💕

  3. Welcome home, I’m so glad the trip was really good. I guess they will always end on a sad note. Hopefully you will be back soon to see him.

  4. Travel safe Chris. I’m sure your Dad loved you being there and is looking forward to the trip next year. Take care. K X

  5. It is so tough, living on opposite sides of the world, when we lived in New Zealand and my family were in the UK we had the same experience, my father fell off a ladder and broke his pelvis, I wanted to be there, but I was 8 months pregnant and couldn’t travel, I was very very tough, I feel for you. X

  6. I know how hard distance is. My family is in London and Sydney and I am in New York City. I now have no more money for travel and have only managed to see our grandson in London twice. I am missing his childhood. He is 6 now.

    • Yes the tyranny of distance. We are the ones doing the lion share of the travelling and it is costly. As we approach retirement it will get harder.

  7. Oh it must’ve been hard for you to say good bye. 😦 I’m sure he so enjoyed time with you. Welcome back and I’ll look forward to more pictures.

  8. Enjoyed reading all your posts about France – must have been wonderful to spend that time with your dad. I know how precious my time is with my mom, especially now that my dad has passed away.

    • Thanks Ellen. Yes losing mum hurt a lot, but knowing Dad is struggling terribly is worse. So having some time to be with him, to talk, share the every day life, be tourists together was really good for all of us. I just wish we did not live so far away.

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