What lurks under your hulls?

We are freshly back from France and haven’t plotted our next sail yet, but seeing our article published in Australian Multihull World is a great way to shift our focus from family matters to sailing and photography.  

As the title suggests, this article encourages the catamaran and trimaran enthusiasts to look under their hulls at the wondrous creatures that lurk underneath.  We share ideas and tips on underwater photography. It is a very similar  article to “Just Add Water” published in the Photography magazine Dynamic Range, but is illustrated with a range of different underwater images and adds a caution about reef etiquette. Click on the badge below to read the article or go to our Published Page, Practical section.

What Lurks under your hulls page

Can’t wait to get out there again, although over the next 6 to 12 months, our underwater photos will be in the temperate waters of Tasmania and Bass Strait.  Hopefully just as captivating, if a little less balmy than in the tropics!



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