Outer Reef Escapade

It is always exciting when you do something new and an Outer Reef escapade to Hook and Bait Reefs rates high in our book. In fact this was one of our bucket list items while in this region.

Tropical Turquoise and Blue

Turquoise and blue are two colours that stand out in the Whitsundays. Wherever you look, whether it be the expansive views of the ocean with the islands in the background, or the bays were we stop, or the underwater seascapes, or even the fish, turquoise and blue dominate! We have been spending time in the…

Sweetlips at Keppels

Schools friends at the Keppels

We came back to the Keppels for a break from the Reef and a choice of well sheltered anchorages behind these islands while stronger winds were blowing. We got that plus a bonus of school friends.

The Treasures of Fitzroy Reef

In this fourth post in our Southern Great Barrier Reef series, we take you to Fitzroy Reef. This is a different setting again: no island but a navigable lagoon, although much more restricted than Lady Musgrave. The appeal here is the amazing underwater garden with a wide variety of hard corals, a multitude of brilliantly colored…

Boult Reef

Rock & Roll at Boult Reef

Our next stops along the Southern Great Barrier Reef and third post in the series is focused on Boult Reef. By now you know we love exploring. Boult Reef is new to us unlike the previous cays. It is also different because there is no island and few people go there. It is therefore good training…

Turquoise lagoon at Lady Musgrave

Leisurely Days at Lady Musgrave

Welcome to our second post in the series about the Capricorn and Bunker Group, part of the stunning Southern Great Barrier Reef. As soon as we unclipped from our mooring at Lady Elliot, the spinnaker went up and we had another cruisy run for 20 miles to the second link in the chain of reefs:…

What lurks under your hulls?

We are freshly back from France and haven’t plotted our next sail yet, but seeing our article published in Australian Multihull World is a great way to shift our focus from family matters to sailing and photography.