Add a bit of salt to your life

The Guérande region is renowned all over France for its sea salt production, from rock salt to the finest “Fleur de Sel”. A rock wall separates the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan and the salt marshes. A wander around the extensive network of salt ponds was both informative and scenic, with lovely plays in colour. 


Guérande Salt Marshes

During high tide sea water is stored in the primary pond and then let into the maze of the salt marsh. As a result of the slight changes in level and meticulous flow adjustments by the salt workers, the water circulates through the various ponds. The sun and wind do their magic and the water evaporates until the salt crystals form in the evaporation ponds.

But that is not all.  The region has the special appeal of combining both salt and freshwater marshes side by side.  And although the morning through the wetlands near Breca, a tiny Breton village, was very grey, the mood was really special.


Moody morning at the Brière Wetland

Here is a selection of images from our wanders:

10 thoughts on “Add a bit of salt to your life

    • Thanks Dave for the link. You are right, the aerial image in particular are reminiscent of this painter. Looking at some of his art, it also reminds us of aboriginal paintings.

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