Neolithic Carnac

The largest megalithic site in the world, the Alignment of Ménec in Carnac is an outstanding collection of Neolithic stones dating back from 3000 to 5000 BC.  It deserves its own post, such is the incredibly dense assembly of thousands of Menhirs. We had heard of Carnac, but nothing could have prepared us for this astounding site.


Alignment of Menhirs

Nobody quite knows what these alignments mean, but they extend some 4 kms in length and 100 meters in width. They vary in height from three or four meters at the top of hills, decreasing to  a meter down the hills.

We also saw Dolmens, stones that are known to be burial sites.  They are far less numerous, but also intriguing, with rock engravings inside dark chambers.


Dolmen of Mané Kerionned

Here is selection of images to give you a sense of this exceptional site.

15 thoughts on “Neolithic Carnac

  1. and I thought Stonehenge was fantastic. What a find, would love to know what the writing means.

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