Little Breton village of La Roche-Bernard

We have moved to the Southern part of Brittany, in the region of Morbihan.  It is wonderfully picturesque and there is a lot to discover together.  We are settled in a tiny hamlet in the middle of the Breton countryside, on the edge of the river Vilaine, 20 minutes’ drive from the old port of La Roche-Bernard.

With the summer heat, we have been spending a bit of time near the water, whether on a barge in the inlet or near the river of La Vilaine.  We are all really well and enjoying discovering and spending time together. Here are a few images of our favourite hangouts.

10 thoughts on “Little Breton village of La Roche-Bernard

  1. Yet another great spot in France. Your photo of your Dad is lovely, to be treasured. Have fun

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