Finally on Instagram

Friend and art photographer Leanne Cole has finally convinced me to open an Instagram account and this last weekend I got a crash course in posting and scheduling on this platform. But it is not for every photo I take, just for Bird Photography.  

As many of you know, bird photography is one of my passions.  So it is good to get with the times and increase my social media involvement. instagram-iconWhy did I buckle under pressure? To get introduced to the work of other bird photographers and get exposure myself. “Out.with.the.birds” is where you will find this new portfolio of bird images. Looking forward to your visit!


While on the subject of birds, I have also been driving Wade batty with my work on compiling a photo book of my best bird images out of the hundreds thousands I have taken over the past two years – “What do you think of this one, what about that one?” This will be ready next month.


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