Life on the Wing – Article published

When Dynamic Range Editor, Leanne Cole, asked me to put an article together for the March issue of the photography magazine – no pressure, but we need the text before Christmas and the photos soon after – I knew there could only be one thing to do: assemble the best images of the Shy Albatross I had taken in Bass Strait since starting our Summer Cruise and write about photographing this majestic ocean wanderer.

So here is the result!

Life on the wing Title

In “Life on the Wing” you will find some information about this stunning yet threatened species, and several photographic tips that build on the techniques previously outlined in “A Passion for Birds”.

To read the article, click on the picture above or go to our Published page, in the Amazing Experiences section.

7 thoughts on “Life on the Wing – Article published

  1. Got a message that you left Gippsland Lakes, a little side trip I presume. I loved these pictures and the information, well written and informative.

    • Thanks Susie. I enjoyed taking the photos, although Albatross Island was quite frustrating, and the research is always interesting. The more I learn about these birds the more I care about their conservation.
      The Marine Traffic message must have been when we turned the AIS on and moved from our mooring! Still inside the Lakes for a couple more weeks while we finish the works, but the to do list is getting much shorter! Only the new frame and the painting!

  2. Amazing photos! Thanks for the tips on how to improve bird photography, I’ll be practicing these later today on the swallows hanging out in our rigging, and the sea-eagles circling above. A quick question though: can you help ID the stowaway bird we had on board recently when we left Lady Musgrave Island. See blog post for pics:
    I have a small bird book on board, but we struggled to ID him/her. We think it’s a brown booby, but the book gives them a yellow bill, not a grey one. Thanks!

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