Summer 2016-17 Cruise Journal Available!

Our Bass Strait Circumnavigation story is now available for download after a month of beavering away, typing hand written notes and sorting through thousands of photos. 


It is always fun to document our voyage and in so doing to relive our adventures. In some way it makes the transition back to land life a little easier for us. It allows us to escape again. But of course the main reason for writing the journal is to share our experiences with friends and family. For those of you who are interested in going beyond the posts we published while we were away, and reading about the nitty-gritty of our two months at sea, you will find the journal on our Cruise Stories page. It is abundantly illustrated with over 300 photos, but we have shrunk them to keep the document size reasonable.  So we suggest you read it on screen rather than trying to print it.

Enjoy, and let us know your impressions.

15 thoughts on “Summer 2016-17 Cruise Journal Available!

  1. Thanks for the incredibly thorough guide. I am following along with Open CPN and Google maps. cheers Phil

    • There you go Phil: from general article to posts and now the full daily story! Enjoy and we hope this helps you map out your trip for next summer. But remember these are the roaring forties! Windy one day, windier the next.

  2. I’ve just downloaded it on my Kindle to read. Just a thought, why don’t you self publish all your journals on Amazon as e-books? I have no idea on how to do that, but there is just so much amazing info in there – perhaps you might earn some money too?

  3. Thanks for the new journal. I think that makes the full set. Being based in Singapore it is always enjoyable reading about your adventures “back home”. Reading these journals makes me look forward to our eventual return and retirement cruising lifestyle, unfortunately thanks to means testing now another 3 – 5 years away. In the mean time we live vicariously through your adventures and pictures. Hope all goes well with the health issues. Cheers

    • Hi Nigel – nice to get your feedback. It is good to hear you enjoy them and have the whole collection! Hope our paths cross somewhere in the ocean. We will be sea gypsies in a few months… don’t want to wait any longer. Chris and Wade

  4. I agree with Henry, it is a book, great read and enjoyed the journey with you. The photos gave life to your words. Looking forward to your next post

    • Thanks Sue. Sometimes I wonder whether it is repetitive and a bit boring, but a few comments seem to say it is not, so we’ll keep writing the journals although it might be in a different format once we are cruising full time!

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