Cruise Decision Made: It’s Plan B

We are weathering another nasty storm at the Hunter Group. With the highly changeable, unstable and strong weather we have been experiencing, we have decided not to venture down the West Coast and attempt the lap around Tasmania this time. We are deferring this adventure till after we have stopped working, so we can choose a more settled time of year (February to April) and have no time constraints. So Plan B has been invoked: a Bass Strait Circumnavigation. We can now enjoy another six weeks of cruising unhurriedly and do what our boat’s name suggests: Take It Easy.


So this is now the itinerary: When the nasty weather has passed, we will explore the Hunter Group a bit more then head for the Northern coast of Tasmania. Stanley, Rocky Cape, Devonport, Port Sorrell or George Town, Foster Inlet are possible stopping points along the way. Then the beautiful cruising grounds of the Furneaux Group and Flinders Island, circled on the map, offer an endless supply or pristine and uncrowded anchorages. Deal island may or may not follow, before we head back to Lakes Entrance. Plenty of time to explore without rushing. The pressure is off.

27 thoughts on “Cruise Decision Made: It’s Plan B

    • Hi Leanne – Very blowy last night and this morning. We are rock and rolling at Cave Bay on Hunter Island, but incredibly it’s sunny! It is hard to plan passages when the wind goes around the compass in a day! So we are taking the safe option.

    • Thanks Viki – too dodgy to do anything else. There is always another time. We will have fun anyway – probably more so because of less pressure!

  1. Oh. What a pity. But these things sometimes cannot be rushed. We absolutely loved Stanley…went for one night and stayed three. The walk up The Nut is challeging (it was that windy when we were there they had stopped the lift). The Table Cape Lighthouse near Wynyard was great and for a small fee you can get a guided tour into the structure (although getting to it in the first place might be a challenge, you might need to hire a car)…I hasten to add these experiences were from a land based holiday. Cheers Trish

    • Hi Trish – yes there is plenty to see along the North Coast. We are enjoying the Hunters and we know we love the Furneaux at the other end so we will have fun. There is relief for us not to have to push hard anymore.

  2. That’s a good plan B. Tassie is a difficult place to do on a time frame, the weather can be brutal. Northern Tassie and Flinders Island are beautiful so now you get to spend more time there, bonus. Have a great trip see you back in the lakes. Brad and Nat

    • Brutal it is Brad! We always thought it was a big ask to do the lap in two months, but with the weather the way it has been it became clear it would not be fun. This will work out well: our second Bass Strait full circumnavigation! The first time was on our previous boat and Bengie was a four months old kitten. She is 10 now – a seasoned sailor! Look after yourselves!

  3. Great to hear how you’re going Chris – so pleased you’re deciding to play it safe and enjoy that trip another time.
    Enjoy the sailing and Take it Easy.
    Merry Christmas to you and Wade my friend.
    See you in 2017 xx

    • Thanks for your good wishes Robyn and we hope you have a good Christmas too. I wonder where we will be? Probably hiding from another blow! At least we are getting lots of exercise which is good for aching backs: long walks ashore although no swimming – the water is way too cold! Take care of yourself💕

      • Thanks for your wishes to Chris – I will take care and you too xx
        Hope you find some friendly holiday weather soon. Hugs x

  4. Hi Chris and Wade: I’ve heard experienced weather forecasts say, “an unusually stormy month generally precedes another anomalously stormy month” – so your decision is consistent with that. Should be plenty to explore on the “all-around-Bass-Strait tour anyway. Along the North coast of Tassie, I’d be looking out for places to hide from the strong pre-frontal Northerlies that are common this time of year, I guess the harbours of the North Coast of TAS will do. How’s the fishing?

    • Hi Craig – just playing it from forecast to forecast. Having fun, the trick is to work with the weather not against it. Catching a few flatheads.

  5. A wise choice, I think, given time constraints. Enjoy northern tasmania. Don’t know if you can get anywhere near Boat Harbour Beach, but its a beautiful place if you can.

    • The Furneaux are favourites of ours Doug, and will spend some time there on this cruise… beautiful, no crowds, just as we like our anchorages! The Hunters are a bit like this too.

  6. Plan B is often invoked around here, usually with good results. Hope it works out well in this case. I’m looking forward to see pictures and reading about places I’ve never seen.

  7. Hello you two, good move not to proceed down south, weather sounds horrible. At least you are getting ashore for a walk and and explore. Sounds great., love the cave and the penguins. Have a lovely Chrissy and keep out of the big blows. I hope Santa can find you if you are hiding from the wind.

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