Take It Easy is fixed!

Since our return from our Summer Cruise, it has been all go.  We had a few major things to attend to following our altercation with the storm at Jamieson Bay in the Furneaux Islands: repairs to the frame supporting our solar panels, dinghy davits and wind generator, and fixing the wind generator itself, which as we discovered not only needed three new blades but also a new tail. Then there was the sanding and painting of the peeling topsides and repainting of the decks.


New aluminium frame to support the solar panels and dinghy davits

Wade has been moving mountains: coordinating the works through our shipwrights, and doing a fair amount himself also, particularly the sanding of the topsides.  I have been more distant. Between travelling for business and being out of action since the end of March to get my health under control, I have been a witness to the works rather than a participant, except for the last bit: the deck painting. Bengie has kept out of the way too – nobody wants pussycat prints on the new paint work before it is cured!

By Easter, Take It Easy was back in working order – not quite finished yet, but close, and we celebrated this achievement with Wade’s family joining us for a few days.


Murray and Kingsley were gone for hours and just made it back by sunset.  No more wind, so the oars came in handy!

With six of us on board, it was a bit tight, but fortunately the weather was reasonable and we could send everybody out on the toys. Without much wind to sail the big boat, we went down to the second Blow Hole in the Bunga Arm and anchored there for the duration. There was lots of paddling on the Walker Bay kayaks and Peasy’s sailing kit got an airing, as you can see from the photo here. Walks on the beach were the other activity, but no takers for dips or body surfing in the cold and agitated sea!

We originally thought we would take the boat to our Port Albert mooring after the repairs were completed, to be able to do a few trips to Wilson’s Promontory and the nearby islands before winter sets in. But boat work is endless and there are still a few things to tidy up on board. They are easier done from our jetty spot at Paynesville. Plus Wade is going to spend most of May helping our nervous friend take his catamaran Outback Dreamer north to Queensland – several weeks of coaching coming up for Chris Guthrie, so our boat is staying put in the Gippsland Lakes.

Here is a gallery of images showing the results of the hard work (only a few as the worker forgot to take photos of the proceedings), and of the family having fun!

11 thoughts on “Take It Easy is fixed!

    • We can’t say it’s ready yet, John, but it is getting very close. The to do list was so long so that it’s hard to believe it is coming to an end!

  1. Is that a loop of rope or a rigid frame on the tail of the wind generator? A rigid frame or a bigger hole in the tail would make it easier to lassoo in scary conditions.

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