Spinning out!

The past 6 weeks since starting our life afloat have been a series of confrontations with strong windy conditions that really are making us spin out!


The calm before the storm at Greenwell Point

The wind is either too strong and we have to hide like arctic foxes and wait and wait, or when it abates the sea is rough with confused swell that makes you emit the most horrible sounds as you chuck your heart out. When it blows too hard, we generally can’t dinghy ashore unless we want an impromptu bath in frigid water. And these last few days on the Crookhaven River, we have discovered the dizzy novelty of spinning on the spot as wind and tide fight the battle of “who shoves the boat the hardest wins”! We kid you not: full 360s in 10 seconds. And all this in generally cold conditions when the only way to keep warm is to pile up the layers like an egyptian mommy.


30 knot westerlies on the Crookhaven River

So as Captain Wadie says: “Rivers are fine, but not in strong wind, and winter cruising in cold climes sucks!”  Are we having fun yet?

Don’t get us wrong here, we are not regretting to retire in winter and move on board, and we knew it would be uncomfortable to start with. But we had not expected to still be in Southern NSW six weeks into our life afloat. So we feel a bit frustrated and over it!

9G5A4915It is full moon… may be that is the problem. Since ancient times, full moons have been associated with odd or insane behaviour. We indeed feel a little loony.

But we have to remain safe and can’t afford any more close shaves or harrowing tales. So we have stayed at Greenwell Point since last Friday, and have put up with the conditions… another week nearly gone.

But today, Thursday 7 September, we are venturing out, headed for Port Hacking. We might actually get to Broken Bay on Friday night! Don’t despair, Susie, we’re coming!

Leaving Greenwell Point at dawn!

12 thoughts on “Spinning out!

  1. Is this one of those stories where I can I’m glad I’m not there, haha. I’m sure it will all sort itself out and next year you will head north a whole lot sooner. Take care.

    • True! We will … for now we are doing what we can to get to Sydney! The wind is fickle – alternating between lulls and big gusts! Good to be moving again though!

  2. Do not get frustrated my friends…get warm! Soon you’ll be sailing again and once in Broken Bay, relax and have a drink for the accomplished so far! Cheers! G-d Speed. 🙂

  3. I see the forecast is for <25kt westerlies with southerly swell …. looks like you'll be doing some surfing toward Sydney today! happy sailing!

  4. I await your arrival in the wonderful Hawksbury where we can recount memories of previous adventures in this beautiful river. Champagne one the way too. C u soon. I am onto your article, just need to read it again today when I get to Di”s.

    • Hope to make it to Broken Bay tomorrow but not sure with the gale warning. Getting closer though! We too come bearing Champagne given to us by Murray and Maree! Time to celebrate our retirement and my 60th and just being together again!

  5. Hang in there. The weather up here in South East Queensland over the last month or so has been absolutely beautiful. Sometimes strong winds but easy to take in sheltered waterways like Southern Moreton Bay and Great Sandy Straits, especially with temperatures in the late 20s and beautiful sunshine. The odds are that the weather will change in your favor before long.

    • Hope so Geoff! We are now looking at the Sydney skyline from Jibbon Beach, Port Hacking, but stuck again in strong winds from the West. Sunny but too windy and lumpy to keep going! Hard yakka!

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