Crime Scene on Take It Easy

Yes, you read that right. A nasty surprise was waiting for us at the Williamstown mooring when we got back to Take It Easy upon our return from France.It was all going so well: we landed at Melbourne airport at midnight, on time. The taxi took us to the Hobson Bay Marina, we got in without problem, put the dinghy in the water, loaded our bags, could see our catamaran floating on the mooring in the distance… “Good, it has not gone without us!” But then we boarded our boat and stepped into the cockpit. All we could say was “What the F&%$!” and other expletives.

Some low life had come on board and stolen our navigation equipment: a 12 inch Raymarine Multifunction Display and its custom made housing which was bolted to the cockpit dashboard. Here is what used to be there.


Our new multipurpose screen – Gone!

They also smashed through two locker latches with our fire extinguisher, damaging the locker walls in the process. In some ways we were lucky the damage was limited to the cockpit. They did not come into the cabin. Somebody was obviously wanting an upgrade on their own navigation equipment! Having ripped the wiring off and damaged all the pins, we wonder how much use they’ll get of the stolen gear!

We called the water police who came to take photos, dust for fingerprints and formally register the theft and damage.  Apparently they had never attended to an incident of this kind in the area. Unlucky us!

Theft 2018-01-25 08.56-2

Job done, the water police squad is leaving us!

It goes without saying that we are now dealing with our  marine insurer, Topsail Insurance, and getting quotes to have everything put back to normal. So much for a quick departure for Tasmania! We will be attending to the claim and repairs/replacement over the coming weeks. We’ll let you know how that goes!

The Yarra’s Edge Marina will be our home for a while! They have been so good to us – that is where we should have left the boat in the first place.

The lesson

Next time we go away for several weeks, instead of trying to save a few dollars by leaving Take It Easy on a mooring, we will park it in a secure marina, pay the money and have a far better chance of keeping thieves off our property!

On the bright side

Our new sails have arrived and we spent a few hours removing the old rotten ragged out ones and fitting the crispy new set.  We had forgotten how bright the orange is when brand new! Horizon Sailmakers did an excellent job, although a bit of trimming is required on the mainsail.

New Sails 2018-01-26 09.12

Off with the old, on with the new

43 thoughts on “Crime Scene on Take It Easy

  1. Wow! I am so sorry to hear this!! I hope the creeps that did this get busted. What a bunch of crap. 👎🏻😑😳😔😠

  2. I’ve just clicked ‘Like’ but that should read ‘Dislike’!! So sorry to hear this. I’ve had my boat broken in to before as well and it feels like you’ve been violated! Sorry they damaged her too. Hope you can get the insurance sorted quickly and back out on the water.

    • Hope so too Viki! It certainly put a damper on our return! At least now that we are no longer on a schedule it is no big deal to have to delay our departure for Tasmania – just more marina expenses!

  3. Bad karma to seafaring thieves. Grrrrrhhhhh. Lots of rough sea and contrary winds to them.
    On a brighter note, the new sails look fabulous. Will need the sunnies just to look at them.

  4. Ooohh shit. So sorry to hear.
    We’ve had two intruders in eleven years, but have been onboard asleep both times and scared them off. First instance – cut 2 heady sheets and 1 staysail sheet. Both times they didn’t succeed. We leave Skellum on moorings but very selective.
    Marinas can be unsafe if there is no nightwatch. One we were in had 6 outboards stolen in one night. We ALWAYS bring our dinghy up.
    At least damage was minimal and you end up with the latest gear.

    • Hu guys – nice to get your comment. Yes let’s hope the claim goes smoothly. A good test! It’s just frustrating and will delay our Tasmanian trip but since we aren’t on a schedule any more, we’ll manage! Hope you are okay – we have been thinking of you and will call you later today.

      • Been thinking – new purpose made thingy for the chart plotter could be made so a lockable cover goes on? With hard to get at hinges and lock?
        Can to plotter be installed inside so you can swing it inside and shut and lock window?
        Ask plotter’s agent to be on the lookout for anyone wanting wires or plugs to suit your model?

      • All good thoughts. No room to keep the screen inside so will likely replace the housing like for like. Your last thought is a great idea!

      • Fingers crossed…Our only claim for Sengo was through Topsail and they were terrific but we were dealing with the original Topsail in England (2014). Australian clients are now generally sent to Topsail Australia – which is based in Perth…

  5. I’m sorry this has happened to the nicest people. It’s so unfair! It makes me sad…and angry.

  6. Been thinking – new purpose made thingy for the chart plotter could be made so a lockable cover goes on? With hard to get at hinges and lock?
    Can to plotter be installed inside so you can swing it inside and shut and lock window?
    Ask plotter’s agent to be on the lookout for anyone wanting wires or plugs to suit your model?

    • Thanks Phil and Lindy. Getting quotes and hopefully will get things underway. Getting hauled out on Wednesday for antifoul and engine servicing; we will be back to Yarra’s Edge after that!

  7. No respect for you or themselves. May they find a conscience one day and feel REALLY bad. 🤬 I hope the repairers do a good job as it was such a good corner. S 😭

    • As I stare at the ripped out wires hanging out and the side of the petrol lockers all dented by the frenzied bashing with the fire extinguisher, I somehow doubt these bastards have a conscience! We are getting quotes from a local shipwright who is helping a friend build his own Easy in Docklands and one from his marine electronics guy. Then we’ll see what Topsail have to say! Getting organised, Sue.

  8. What an absolute pest and pain. Not a nice thing to come home to. At least the damage looks reasonably minimal. Boats are so difficult to secure against determined thieves. As a previous writer said: someone will be looking for cables …

    • Hi guys – yes and we hope they have a hell of a time finding the fittings! You are right, locks just keep your friends away. If thieves want to break in, they will. We are trying to be philosophical about it but it is frustrating. Wade was just saying “if you put locks on things, you encourage them to break them”. There were other lockers in the cockpit without padlocks and nothing was taken! And although they broke the petrol locker ones, they did not steal the tanks. Very targeted, but very dumb too!

  9. Bastards. I think penalties for theft are too low which is why they keep doing it. Singapore has the answer. Theft is almost nonexistent.

    • Hey Phil – they ‘ve got to get caught first! We are getting quotes for the new gear and repairs. It’s a pain but we are glad they did not break into the cabin! 40 degrees heat this weekend – a shock to the system after the snow!

  10. It’s traumatizing to be robbed under any circumstances, but this is worse in the sense it was a necessary piece of equipment and not just some “extra” item. Dealing with insurance of any sort is painful–the bureaucracy can be overwhelming.. I hope things can be restored and repaired quickly and painlessly.

    • We hope so too, Mike. We are getting quotes and taking things in our stride. As you say, the navigation gear is a critical item – everything worked from that screen: wind, chart plotter, GPS, depth sounder, auto pilot….

  11. Just a thought on the extra cost of the marina. It may be able to be added to your claim. Raise the subject with your insurer. There is always a positive side. All new equipment. Clive

  12. Wow! I am so, so sorry to hear this! What a horrible thing to come home to! Being robbed is so horrible, both because of losing your things and having your home trashed and also because it feels so terrifying to think of someone like that in your home. We were robbed in Panama (mugged, really – it wasn’t the boat, thankfully) and it was an awful experience, though not anything close to what happened to you! I hope you’re able to get new equipment soon!

    • Thanks Ellen – We were unlucky with the theft of our instruments, but it could have been worse if the thieves had got inside the cabin. You have to be grateful for small mercies.

      • Yes that was the last straw and we have had trouble finding two, as Yamaha will be bringing in new models in 2 or 3 months, so dealers are running their stock down and we are not prepared to hang around for that long. But two of the current model are now on their way to Geelong. We hope to be sorted by 19 Feb and on our way to Tassie after that. Phew!

  13. How can anyone do this to a lovely couple just living a wonderful life they have worked for? Sickening. Hope everything gets better soon and more adventures will slowly wipe the stain of this away. As for the people that did it? Can only hope Karma kicks in.

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