Rainbows to Port Macquarie!

After the last anxious sail to Port Stephens, it was a relief to leave the ‘danger zone’ and relax our watch for containers and debris on the way up to Crowdy Head and Port Macquarie.

Apart from soggy nappies, clocks and polystyrene, we did not see anything else floating around, but what a mess to clean up! It seems the containers have sunk as apart from the two at Fingal Head that broke off on the day of the incident, no other have been spotted. But fishing boats dragging nets along the sea floor might catch more than they bargain for!

Sailing past Seal Rocks

Sailing past Seal Rocks and the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse

We had a good sail up to Crowdy Head. With the wind gradually shifting from NW to SW, we surprised ourselves and made the 65 miles run in daylight. Grey day, coolish, but flat seas. We saw beautiful Fairy Prions and a few whales too.

Fairy Prion

Fairy Prion dancing on the surface of the ocean

But our sail to Port Macquarie to meet up with our friends Waz and Lisa was even better: under 15 to 20kn SW, it was a great sled ride complete with rainbows. We covered the easy 30 miles in 4 hours.

Mid North Coast -54

Mid North Coast -6402

The rain did catch us!

Then straight up the Hastings River we went, and plonked ourselves right opposite our friends’ home. We are at Port Macquarie for a few days!

Mid North Coast -6441

We are here!

13 thoughts on “Rainbows to Port Macquarie!

  1. That’s great! I can see that even Nature celebrated your arrival with a fantastic rainbow! Now you can relax and sip on some wine. I’m glad that you didn’t encounter any difficulties to get there. Cheers! 🙂

      • We are looking at a week, and there are two shades of red coming our way today with two more red patches predicted over the next few days. The options to get off are slowly receding as well so it might mean going back to a middle ages diet…boiled rice and gruel! At least we are now officially in Spencer Gulf and not the GAB! Ahh well, all in the name of cruising….

  2. Saw you up the river this morning on our row ( only to the oyster shed- water a bit rough still with the tide just turning). Hope you enjoy your stay. I’m heading to Tahiti for some sailing there in the next few weeks.

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