Moving house, moving site!

Moving boat is like moving house! Lots of packing, lots of cleaning up, the mixed emotions of closing a chapter and beginning a new one. And as with a house move, there is also a change of address!

It is another long post, so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the read!

Website Name Change

With a new boat, comes a new website address. You won’t have to do anything with your membership to our site. Our followers of will be redirected seamlessly to  For those who don’t know, the prefix SV stands for Sailing Vessel.

Yes, we are keeping the name Anui, which means “Big Canoe” in Polynesian. It is short, has a nice ring to it and suits the boat. It is a new beginning for us and it did not feel right to transfer the name Take It Easy, even though we liked it a lot.

We have a new watermark on our images too and a new site profile photo of course. It has been fun to make the changes ahead of time… hoping dearly all would go like clock work! Here is a close up of our watermark: the same stylised albatross we had before, but with our new site name.

Fitzroy Reef -0746-2

Moving Home

Because we live aboard, moving boat is moving house for us. It is not only hard yakka, but also tinged with sadness. Once Anui was officially ours, we brought our two cats together at The Boatworks marina and moved our gear from one boat to the other – it was easier than packing our belongings in boxes! Only one aspect to be careful about: dropping anything in the drink on the walk over!

It was odd to see our two blueys together… one is a wee bit longer than the other – over a third in fact! We felt ecstatic at seeing them next to each other, if a little sad to soon be saying goodbye to Take It Easy. She has been such a good boat for us, but now it is time to look ahead at the amazing next phase of our sea wanderers’ life.

The not so fun part of the transition has been the removal of all our personal effects from Take It Easy to Anui, the clean up of TIE, and the massive job of sorting out the crockery, tools and spares left on Anui by the previous owners. We had to ensure we did not double up on things and put the gear where we wanted it. We kept going back and forth between the two boats taking stuff off, bringing bits back. There were messes on both boats for a few days!

To start with we left Bengie on Take It Easy to not upset her too much, but she was very good. Notice her sleeping on the table pretending it is not really happening!

She has settled in on Anui really easily. Lots of happy little meowing, sticky beaking everywhere and enjoying new spots to snooze in. She is such an adaptable cat!

Getting ready for Cyclone Owen

The move is all happening in a rush, because we took possession of Anui on Thursday 13 December, moved out of Take It Easy and got settled on Anui over the following four days, to have both boats secure before the arrival of cyclone Owen which is making its way down the Queensland coast and reaching us on Tuesday!

I was supposed to leave for France bright and early on Monday 17 December. But between the riots happening in France, the cyclone and the work involved in moving home, it all got too scary and unmanageable. So I took the hard decision to defer my voyage to see my Dad and sister till February. I was sad to have to do this, but relieved also.


We are staying put at The Boatworks on Anui, to sit out the remants of the cyclone. We could not face having to manoeuvre her in wild, wet weather and anchor out in the mangroves! The marina is the safest spot for us.

So what happens now!

We have now brought Take It Easy to the Gold Coast City Marina just next door to The Boatworks. so she is safe and easily accessible for viewing by potential buyers. There she will be till early January unless she is sold before that. We have advertised her here on our blog, on Yachthub, and on the Facebook group Women Who Sail Australia. We are getting some promising enquiries with a few appointments lined up. If she has not gone by 10 January, we will hand over her sale to a broker so we can enjoy sailing Anui without worry.

We are on Anui at the marina till Thursday 20 December. This will allow us to attend to a few of the items that need to be fixed on her and schedule some of the work for later. Once the weather has calmed down we will nervously get back into Moreton Bay and start to learn how to handle our new boat. We won’t be going very far as we need to come back to The Boatworks during the first week of January.

As you can imagine, there are daunting but exciting times ahead, while we get to know our gorgeous catamaran.

20 thoughts on “Moving house, moving site!

    • Hi John, we are getting lots of rain and strong wind at the moment. We are keeping are fingers crossed the cyclone won’t reform. It has done that several times over the past week. Not what you want when we have stuff all over the cockpit floor! We are working as fast as we can to put everything away.

  1. I love the picture of the 2 boats together. Enjoy moving in as I know you will enjoy and love life on Anui

    • Getting there, Sue. We are nearly under control. The inside is sorted and looks so beautiful. Wade called me down in the hull, pointing to our cabin on one side and the bathroom on the other with all that gorgeous cedar. « Look at all this luxury, dear, she is all ours! » It is like a dream come true.

      Took TIE to the other marina yesterday. Had to manoeuvre her twice in a tight spot because I parked in the wrong pen… but did a sterling job of bringing her in both times. Just when I am used to doing it on a 38ft cat we go and change to a 52ft! I will be petrified on Anui!

  2. I can almost imagine how busy you must be with two cats to attend, (not even counting the 3rd cat, Bengie) 🙂
    I’m sure that soon the Anui will be looking gorgeous in and out! Take care Chris…

  3. Happy to hear you are settling in on the new canui Anui (that is a Gregism ) and finding all the new nooks and crannies to stow stuff. How many times will you say “now where did I put that?”

    • We like the canui Anui Gregism … it’s all a newie to us! ‘Where the hell did I put this seems to come up a lot… You are spot on! But getting organised: office stuff in our hull, food in the other and we have managed not to invade the guest cabin… well not too much!

  4. Good luck with the move. I suspect SV Anui may be more maneuverable with twin inboards compared to your outboards on TIE apart from greater wind drag on the bows.

  5. Looking forward to seeing many more pics of you both and Bengie on Anui as you enter your new Chapter of adventures!!

    • You will have to take a few when we come down next month, Waz! But I am sure Wadie will take at least one when I am at wheel feeling like I need a nervous pee!

  6. What a joy being able to move your house for the move instead of getting the movers in.
    Are ya moved
    Best Regards Gary

  7. Congratulations you two, she looks like a really nice yacht. I was secretly hoping that a name change would take place so that you could share the intricate details of changing a boat name, but anyway, Anui is a cool name.😎

    • Hi Rusty! When we first started looking, we thought we’d keep the name Take It Easy, but this boat is very different from our last and the name does not really suit her… Anui is in a different league, and as you pointed out in our last post, we won’t be taking it easy at 15 knots + speed. But we do know about the ceremony to appease the sea gods… and are partial to a bit of celebrating with a drop of alcohol! 😁

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