Beyond the Barrier published!

Our first article for 2019 was published in the January 2019 issue of Cruising Helmsman! What a cracking way to start the new year! This relates to a few of our Outer Reef escapades and our learnings about the ideal conditions for hassle free anchoring and snorkeling at the reef.

As we now sail on Anui, we reflect on the magic times we had on Take It Easy and smile at her distinctive look in some of the photos in this article. We can only dream of the adventures we will have in the tropics next winter on our new beast!

To read the article, click on the image below or go to our Published Page/Destinations section. Enjoy the read!

Title Page GBR


14 thoughts on “Beyond the Barrier published!

  1. A good read Chris … as always! Enjoy your posts first thing in the morning over my breakfast cuppa. Brings back memories too. Looking forward to a southern reef article maybe?? A

    • Hi Amanda – thanks for the feedback. It is good to know you enjoy our posts and kind of you to comment! Yes another article will come up in Australian Multihull World in their March/April edition, covering our favourites, including Wistari and Fitzroy in the Southern GBR. Stay tuned!

  2. Great article Chris! Can’t wait for the first adventure navigating the Anui, next winter. 🙂

    • Thanks HJ – yes it will be amazing going to the reef with Anui. But we will have a couple of big adventures before winter! We are going to do an offshore trip to Lord Howe Island, about 350nm offshore.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Yes, great article.
    Saw you up the Hastings still today. Nice relatively sheltered spot there away from the howling nor’easters right the coast
    . Rowed up and had a look at Anui on Sunday,
    but you guys were ashore. Was trying to explain daggerboards to my rowing ( non- sailing) partner.
    She looks very elegant. When are you planning to head to Lord Howe?

    • Hi Meredith, we’ll be in the river for a few more days. Do knock on the hull if you row past and come aboard. Now that the party is over things will be calmer. We will be leaving with the next bout of southerlies to head back to Brisbane, probably this coming weekend. I am flying to France to see my dad on 20 February. Shortly after I get back we head off to Lord Howe, about mid March. Hope to catch up in person!

  4. Thankyou to you both for Beyond the Barrier. As yet I have not read all of it but the photos are really beautiful…I suppose you two scuba dived to take them. Wonderful adventures. We have only seen parts of the reef from a glass bottomed boat.

    Once again thanks. We think you are both wonderful in how you write of your findings to help other boaties…..very thoughtful. Much love and wishing you peaceful waters to sail in. From us both Pam

    • Hello Pam, we snorkeled rather than scuba dived, an easier, no fuss way to see the reef for us. It is always a thrill to see our writing and photos published and nice when we get lovely feedback.
      Thank you for your kind words.

    • It’s always a thrill, Sue… quite a few more articles lined up over the next 6 months. I’ll have to space them out or the publishers and readers will get tired of me!

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